About the George Plantations Caravan

Join us as we explore the old South through Plantations small & unpretentious to large and ornate. This 22-day caravan will explore 5 to 6 Plantations in South Georgia and North Florida. We will attend Georgia’s Official Folk Life Play, Swamp Gravy, held in a former Cotton warehouse, marvel at the outdoor murals in a small town, try our skill at Skeet Shooting, dry camp at an old country store, listen to storytellers at the Uncle Remus Museum, visit the first capitol of Georgia where succession from the union was debated, learn about the importance of forests and agriculture to SW Georgia, travel down country roads and through quaint towns, and of course have the opportunity to eat at a number of ‘Southern” establishments. On free days, there will be time to visit Jimmy Carters’ hometown of Plains and see Andersonville, the Civil War prison camp.

This is a 22 day caravan, distance between each of the 6 stops  is around 100 miles.  One stop is 4 nights of dry camping, but days are spent touring, so it is a non issue.  Weather is moderate, spring rains might be expected. There is walking on this caravan, and some of the houses visited  are narrated by docents.  If standing is an issue, a small fold up stool might be a suggestion.

Spring is a colorful time to visit the area and enjoy the beauty of the South. Ya’ll come and see us!

2017 Touring Dates:  March 23 – April 13

2018 Touring Dates:  March 22 – April 12